Further Reading: Battlefield Guides

  • Bennett, Martyn, 1990, Traveller's Guide to the Battlefields of the English Civil War, 23-27; detailed battle plan based on Young, 1967 but little visitor information.
  • Burne, Alfred H, 1996, The Battlefields of England, book 1,186-200; battle plans.
  • Clarke, David, 1993, Battlefield Walks: Midlands, 81-90; basic walk plan.
  • Green, Howard, 1973, Guide to the Battlefields of Britain and Ireland, 159-163; brief summary of battle; basic battle plan; brief but useable ‘guide’ information for the visitor.
  • Kinross, John, 1988, Walking & Exploring The Battlefields of Britain, 112-113; very brief summary of battle; basic battle and walk plan, broadly based on Young, 1967; some ‘guide’ information for visitors.
  • Kinross, John, 1989, Discovering Battlefields of England, 82; simple plan based on Burne, 1996, 195.
  • Marix Evans, Martin, 1998, The Military Heritage of Britain & Ireland, 84-86; very simple battle & walk plan, based on English Heritage, 1995.
  • Seymour, William, 1979, Battles in Britain and their political background, vol.2, 37-51; battle plan similar but not identical to Young; p.37 gives ‘guide’ information for the visitor.
  • Smurthwaite, David, 1993, The Complete Guide to the Battlefields of Britain,, 140-143; battle plan on 1:50,000 OS map base, similar to Young, 1967. This has very little useful ‘guide’ information.
  • Warner, 2002, British Battlefields, 375-387 & 440-446; basic battle plan similar to Seymour. Little specific ‘guide’ information for the visitor.

A brief note on visiting the battlefield is also given in Roberts & Tincey, 2001, 92.


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