British Civil War Memorial Database Submission

Welcome to the British Civil Wars memorial project database submission form. The following questions will capture the essential information we need to populate the database. A small number of the questions are mandatory with the rest being discretionary. But the more information you give us, the richer the entry.

The project, which involves the Battlefields Trust, Cromwell Association, Fortress Study Group, John Hampden Society, National Civil War Centre, Pike and Shot Society, the Sealed Knot and the Scottish Battlefields Trust, is attempting to record as many memorials (which includes plaques, information boards, stained glass windows etc.) relating to the British Civil Wars as possible to create a heritage resource for use by everyone interested in the wars the engulfed the British Isles 1639-1660. The scope of the project is as follows:

Monuments, memorials, plaques and information boards, extant or non-extant, located across the British Isles relating to events concerning the British Civil Wars 1639-1660 and any such monuments, memorials, plaques and information boards, extant or non-extant, located anywhere in the world relating to soldiers who served in the British Isles between 1639-1660.

If we receive multiple submissions for the same memorial we will aim to combine data to produce as comprehensive an entry as possible. In these circumstances we will also select the best photographs to use, so please don't be offended if we don't use the images you provide.

By completing this submission form and/or providing photographs you are agreeing that we can publish the information you have contributed (excluding your personal details - see below) and that you assign the copyright you hold to the project for this purpose. Please ensure you do not use any information where others hold the copyright, for example copying and pasting text from the internet or using images downloaded from the internet.

We will allow images and information published on the database to be re-used under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 International Licence (CC BY-NC 4.0).

We will not publish any of your personal details we collect and all such data will be held securely and used only to contact you by the project in case we have a query. Such data will be held for seven years after submission and then deleted. You can specifically request us to credit you with any photographs or database entries on the published database. To do this we would publish your name only on the database. There is a question at the end of this form that allows you to request this. Further information on how we handle your data can be found here.

If you want to learn more about the organisations involved in this project you can view their websites at the following links

Battlefields Trust -
Cromwell Association -
Fortress Study Group -
John Hampden Society -
National Civil War Centre -
Pike and Shot Society -
Sealed Knot -
Scottish Battlefields Trust -


You should include a meaningful name and short description of the memorial in this answer.
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Please provide as much address information as possible. Please include details of the county or unitary authority (for the UK) where the memorial is located, if you know it. (eg St Peter's Church, Radway, Warwickshire, CV35 0UE)
Please provide a valid Geolocation.
You can use either digital latitude and longitude, a grid reference, or 'What3Words' reference. On a PC you can obtain these by using - navigating to the location using pan and zoom on the map provided and then right click the location of the monument on the map. For mobile devices we suggest you use a grid reference finder or 'What3Words' app available on the Apple Store ( for Apple devices or on Google Play ( for Android devices. Using these applications you will be able to produce a set of coordinates, so please copy and paste these as your answer below. There are no copyright issues with this
Please provide a valid Location within building.
If the monument is in or forms part of a building, please describe its location within the building
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