Newburn Ford

The battle of Newburn Ford, fought on 28th August 1640 and was the only significant battle of the two Bishops’ Wars.  Two days after the battle the city of Newcastle was surrendered to the Scots and King Charles I was obliged to recall Parliament to raise the money required to buy them off.  The battle finally put an end to Charles’ 11 year period of ‘personal  rule’ which, in turn, was a significant step towards the outbreak of civil war in 1642.  The battle itself is a textbook example of how to conduct an opposed river crossing.  There are few other examples to be found amongst English battles.


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  • An Introduction to Early Modern Warfare and the English Civil Wars
  • An Introduction to the Bishops’ Wars and the Battle of Newburn Ford
  • From Musket to Rifle
  • Newburn Ford Walking Guide
  • The Battle of Newburn Ford – The Aftermath
  • Specially commissioned Illustrations
  • Maps
  • Classroom Resources
  • The Battle of Newburn Ford 1640 – the narrative
  • The story of the battle – Produce a Storyboard
  • A Lego documentary
  • A 'Bag of rubbish' documentary
  • Produce Shadow Play
  • Jigsaw activities
  • Why did the English lose Diamond 9
  • Picture Source worksheets
  • Why did the English fail at Newburn Ford? concept mapping
  • Main Enquiry Questions
  • Mystery Activity: Why did Charles agree to the Treaty of London, and which is the most important reason for Charles signing this humiliating Treaty

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Newburn Ford
Newburn Ford
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