Under Threat

The main threat to battlefields comes from development.  UK planning rules do not prevent construction on such sites and there is a real risk of incremental development destroying these precious heritage assets. Some modern agricultural techniques such as deep ploughing or the use of certain fertilisers which change the soil chemistry also have the potential to damage battlefield archaeology. It can also be destroyed through metal detecting if systematic recording and reporting of finds does not take place.  For more information on types of battlefield threats click HERE

In responding to development threats the Battlefields Trust is limited in what it can do.  Battlefield registration by Historic England does not offer statutory protection but does mean that the battlefield’s heritage status must be considered when a planning application is determined.  Planning application decisions are made using the National Planning Policy Framework.  The Trust needs to make its arguments against battlefield development based on these guidelines if they are to have any impact.  For more information on battlefield planning rules and heritage guidance click HERE

The Battlefields Trust is concerned with battlefields under threat all over the world. Early intelligence of threats to particular battlefields is essential if the Trust is to mount effective action against such threats by responding to planning applications or raising concerns about other activities which damage battlefields.  But there are frequently very tight deadlines for lodging such objections.  The Trust's policy on battlefield threats can be found HERE

PLEASE therefore could YOU send in reports of any changes or impending changes in the state of the battlefields you visit to the Research and Threats Coordinator of the Battlefields Trust.


Mr Simon Marsh
Research and Threats Coordinator
Tel: 01844-274112 Mob: 07742-958888
Email: research@battlefieldstrust.com


Battlefield Panel

To assist in making decisions about threats to battlefields and how best to research and protect them the Battlefields Trust established an independent panel of experts in October 2018.  For more information about the Battlefield Panel click HERE

Recent Battlefield Threats

For information about recent battlefield threats and what the Trust is doing about them click HERE 




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