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The skirmish at Powick is given far more attention in secondary accounts than its scale would warrant, compared to other events in the war. This is because it was the first substantial engagement of the war and would set the pattern for cavalry action for the coming two years.

  • Atkin, Malcolm. The Civil War in Worcestershire. Stroud: Alan Sutton, 1995, 34-37. A brief summary of Powick, but the book provides and excellent local context for the events of September 1642.
  • English Heritage. Battlefield Report: Powick Bridge, 1642. English Heritage, 1995. The most valuable of all secondary works on the skirmish.
  • Peachey, Stuart. The Battle of Powick Bridge, 1642, English Civil War battles series. Bristol: Stuart, 1993.


Powick is exceptionally well documented for a skirmish, and mainly eye witnesses accounts. However the parliamentarian accounts seem to show significant distortion as a result of desire to divert or allocate blame for an ignominious defeat. Extracts from the contemporary accounts are given in the English Heritage report.

Link to English HeritageEnglish Heritage Battlefields Register report CLICK HERE




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