Further Reading

Primary Sources

A Narration of The Great Victory, (Through Gods Providence) Obtained by the Parliaments Forces Under Sir William Waller, At Alton in Surrey the 13 of this instant December, 1643. Against the Cavaliers (London: Edward Husbands, 1643)

Archer, E., A True Relation of the Marchings of the Red Trained Bands of Westminster, the Green Auxiliaries of London, and the Yellow Auxilaries of the Tower Hamlets, under the command of Sir William Waller, from Munday the 16. of Octob. to Wednesday the 20. of December 1643 (London: Edward Blackmore, 1643)

Certaine Informations from severall parts of the kingdome, 18-23 December (London: G.B. and R.W., 1643)

Hopton, R., Bellum civile, ed. by C. E. Chadwyck-Healey (London: Harrison and Sons, 1902)

Mercurius Aulicus, Communicating the Intelligence and affaires of the Court, to the rest of the Kingdome, 10-16 December (Oxford: Henry Hall for William Webb, 1643)

The Kingdomes Weekly Intelligencer, 12-19 December (London: G.B. and R.W., 1643)


Secondary sources

Adair, J., Roundhead General: A Military Biography of Sir William Waller (MacDonald: London, 1969)

Emberton, W., Skippon's Brave Boys: The origins, development and Civil War service of London's Trained Bands (Buckingham: Barracuda, 1984)

Morris, R., The Storming of Alton and Arundel 1643 (Stuart Press: Bristol, 1993)

Royle, T., Civil War: The Wars of the Three Kingdoms, 1638-1660 (Abacus: London, 2004)

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Spring, L., Waller's Army: The Regiments of Sir William Waller's Southern Association (Oxford: Pike & Shot Society, 2007)   


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