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Adwalton Moor has been described by Cooke as ‘the forgotten battle’ and yet it was, after Marston Moor, the second most important action fought in the North during the Civil War. Of our main battlefield guides and atlases only four tackle Adwalton, compared to more than 20 for Marston Moor, and none describes it in detail. Cooke (1996) provides a useful summary but this booklet is difficult to obtain. The English Heritage Battlefield Register report is available online and is well worth consulting. However by far the most useful secondary work is the excellent, well researched book by David Johnson.

  • Dave Cook, 1996, The Forgotten Battle: The Battle of Adwalton Moor 30th June 1643, Battlefield Press, Heckmondwike
  • English Heritage, 1995, Battlefield Report: Adwalton Moor 1643
  • Glenn Foard, 2003, 'The Forgotten Battle: The Campaign and Battle of Adwalton Moor - 1643', Battlefields Review, no. 23: 39-46
  • David Johnson, 2003, Adwalton Moor 1643: The Battle That Changed a War, Blackthorn Press

Link to English HeritageEnglish Heritage Battlefields Register report CLICK HERE


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