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Adwalton is one of the most threatened of battlefields on the English Heritage Register, under pressure from the ever expanding city of Bradford. It is true that the first impression from a visit to Adwalton is that the battlefield may not be worth saving, but once one explores the site on foot with the best available evidence there is much of value at Adwalton to be conserved and much still to be discovered. Despite enclosure, industrialisation and urban development which has transformed much of this landscape over the last 350 years a large part of the battlefield remains undeveloped. But even with the important work by Johnson, and the fieldwork undertaken by consultants working for the prospective developers, there are major questions that still remain unanswered as to the exact location of the action and the character of the landscape within which the fighting took place. If these problems are not resolved quickly then important parts of the site may be lost to development before we are certain whether they are even part of the battlefield!


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