Archaeology of the battle

Artefacts associated with the battle, including cannon balls from the bombardment of the town during the sieges, are held by both the Gainsborough Heritage Association and Lincolnshire County Council. Captain Hussey’s breast plate and buff coat, showing how a musket ball penetrated his armour is kept at Doddington Hall near Lincoln. ‘The Collection Museum’ in Lincoln has a basket-hilted broadsword on display, recovered from the former marshes near the River Trent approximately a mile south of Gainsborough, in the area where Sir Charles Cavendish and his troops foundered.

A powder cap (FAKL-AA3F5D) and fused, probable pistol, bullet (FAKL-D4B747) found around the boundary of Gainsborough and Lea parishes to the south of the town and recorded on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database might represent part of the archaeological remains of the initial engagement between the royalist forlorn and the advancing parliamentarians.


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