Battlefield Walk

Distance: 2.5 miles
Time: 45 minutes to 1 Hour

The walk commences from the Magistrates court on the A315, London Road.   Leaving the court head west along London Road toward Isleworth, crossing Brentford Bridge and continuing for a further third of a mile until just beyond the old gates to Syon Park.  Here to the south lies the approximate location of Sir Richard Wynn’s House where first contact was made between royalist and parliamentary troops. 

Retracing this route, head approximately one quarter of a mile toward Brentford and follow the footpath on the south side of the road toward Syon House.  The House, was captured by royalist forces and used to spot the movement of parliamentary reinforcements moving down from Kingston overnight.  It was also the subject of bombardment by parliamentary ships on 13 November 1642. 

Return again to the London Road and walk east to Brentford Bridge, where Hollis’s Regiment probably erected a barricade to defend the town.  Continue east into Brentford passing the Magistrates Court and continue along the High Street.  Outside the County Court beyond Half Acre is a pillar with a plaque commemorating the battle as well as a battle in 1016 between Canute and Edmund Ironside. The top of the climb of the High Street 200 yards beyond the County Court probably marks the location of the second parliamentary barricade.  Continue for a further half mile through what was Old Brentford. The close proximity of this part of the High Street to the Thames possibly explains why many of the routing parliamentary troops attempted to swim to safety. At Kew Bridge look toward the river to see the line of sight that the royalist gunners would have had when the parliamentary barges came up the river from Kingston on the night of 12 November.  Beyond the bridge toward Turnham Green, the royalists pursued the parliamentarians to an open field where Hampden’s regiment covered the retreat of the routing parliamentary troops.

A leaflet about the battle showing the location of information boards can be downloaded from the left of this page.


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