The Armies & the Losses


The following orders of battle are based on Chris Scott's work (see further reading in The Battle section) 





Right Wing of Horse


Sir Arthur Hesilrige's regiment of horse                            500 men

Devonshire Horse (Sir William Gould)                             300-400 men


Centre of Foot (Acting Major General James Carr)


Colonel Alexander Popham regiment of foot                     400-600 men

Sir Robert Cooke’s regiment of foot                                   500-800 men

Colonel Nathaniel Fiennes’ regiment of foot                      300-400 men

Elements of Colonel Thomas Essex, Col

Thomas Stephen, Sir John Merrick and Col

Horation Cary’s regiments of foot                                       640 men


Left Wing of Horse (Sir Edward Hungerford)


Sir William Waller’s regiment of horse                               360 men

Colonel Robert Burghill’s regiment of horse                      360 men

Col. Nathaniel Fiennes’ regiment of horse & dragoons     160 men

The Gloucestershire Horse                                                  90 men

The Somersetshire Horse                                                    90 men





Right Brigade of Horse (Earl of Crawford)                                   600 men


Earl of Crawford’s regiment of horse                                

Colonel James Long’s regiment of horse


Centre Brigade of Horse (Sir John Byron)                                   600 men


Sir John Byron’s regiment of horse

Sir Thomas Sandys’ regiment of horse

Colonel Thomas Morgan’s regiment of horse


Left Brigade of Horse (Lt. General Henry Lord Wilmot)                600 men


Lord Wilmot’s regiment of horse

Lord Digby’s regiment of horse

Sir John Digby’s regiment of horse





The parliamentarians lost around 300-400 men killed, 800 captured with more wounded.  Royalists losses were 100-150 killed and wounded


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