The Bruce


‘Then he [the archbishop] displayed his banner,

And other bishops that there were

They display banners also.

All in a host forth can they go

Towards Myton the ready way;

And when the Scotsmen heard say

That they were to them coming near,

They prepared themselves on their best manner,

And divided themselves into battles two.

Douglas the vanguard he can make;

The rearward made the Earl Thomas [Moray],

For chieftain of the host he was.

And, so ordered it in good array,

Towards their foes they held their way.

When each had of other sight,

They pressed on both halves to fight.

The Englishmen come on sadly

With good countenance and hardy,

Right in front with a Banner,

Until they their foes come so near

That they their visage well might see;

Three spear‑length, I believe [well] might be

Between them, when such drawing back

Took them, but more, into a hasty turn,

They turned their backs, and to go.

When Scottishmen had seen them so

Afrightened flee all their [way],

In great haste upon them dashed they,

And slew and took a great party.

The rest fled full afrightened

As they best might, to seek a place of refuge.

They were chased so near at hand,

That well one thousand dead were;

And of [them] there three hundred were

Priests, that died in that chase.

Therefore that fight called it were

'The chapter of Myton'; for there

Slain so many priests were.’


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