Cromwell monument at Naseby

Battle of Naseby 1645

Wednesday 14th June 2023

The Naseby Battlefield Project is running one of their periodic tours of the battlefield.

Taking in all of the key locations on and around the Naseby battlefield. The tour will last approximately four hours, and will conclude at Naseby Village Hall giving you exclusive access, with interactive displays and other special surprises!

In addition to the tour attendees will also receive the following:

• Prior to the tour, a Joining Pack outlining the day’s events.

•  Exclusive Naseby Battlefield Project latest Interpretation Maps which are only available to Battlefield Tour attendees.

• Access to parts of the battlefield not usually open to the public.

• There will be an opportunity to engage with interactive, lively and informative displays and presentations… and maybe some other surprises too!

Tickets are available at £25 per person and can be obtained at Eventbrite Ticket. Please note ticket cost is free for U16s


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