Members' zoom lecture

Tuesday 13th July 2021

Sitting astride the main route north, Northampton was the gateway to the Midlands. With the largest urban castle in England and walls wide enough for six people to walk along side by side, its strategic importance far outweighed its size. Over its turbulent history, including the first battle of the first barons' war, the town had been burned down multiple times. It was also a seat of great learning and its university predated Cambridge. When the Second Barons War began, both sides raced to control the town. Simon de Montfort got there first. Henry III and his son Prince Edward immediately laid siege to the town. Whilst Henry attacked from the south, Edward attacked from the northwest, breaking in and burning the town. In its aftermath, Henry banned the town from having a university again and used it as a base of operations for the siege of Kenilworth.

Mike is a historian, author, lecturer, and tour guide passionate about the medieval period, the Wars of the Roses and the history of his own county – Northamptonshire. He is a Freeman of the ancient borough of Northampton, has a MA in history from the University of Birmingham and qualified to teach history in adult education. His books include ‘Northampton: 5,000 years of history,’ ‘The Battle of Northampton 1460,’ ‘The Battles and Battlefields of Northamptonshire (with Graham Evans)’ and ‘Richard III and the Battle of Bosworth.’

The talk will take place at 8.00pm and members will receive an email invitation to register approximately a week before the talk.


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