Battlefields Trust online lecture: The Battle of Middleton Cheney 1643.

Tuesday 13th December 2022

On the afternoon of Saturday 6th May 1643, a parliamentarian force from Northampton attempted to capture the town and Castle of Banbury. Surprised by a royalist cavalry brigade under the Earl of Northampton, they were pursued back to Middleton Cheney where they attempted to make a final stand. 

In a brief but decisive engagement, the young Earl showed his capability as a cavalry commander in his first independent action. Victory here enabled a much-needed supply train to be delivered safely to the King at Oxford.  

Although not forgotten, details of the battle were unclear until a community project set out to commemorate and interpret Middleton Cheney’s Civil War history. As part of this project, research was commissioned to tell the story of one of Northamptonshire’s lesser known but important engagements.    

In this talk Gregg Archer pieces together the available sources to tell the story of the battle and the events surrounding it. He will also take a closer look at the people who fought it, and propose a location where many stood and died on that fateful day along with the commemoration and interpretation of the battle currently underway.  


Gregg Archer is the co-chair of the Mercia Region of The Battlefields Trust and a member of the Northamptonshire Battlefields Society. When not working his day job in the hospitality industry he is researching the smaller and lesser-known engagements of the Civil Wars in the 17th Century. His research on the 1645 battle of Radcot Bridge was previously published in Volume 1 of the Battlefields Trust Journal “Battalia”


This presentation is exclusive to Battlefields Trust members. It starts at 8pm, and booking will be online in response to a Mailchimp invitation sent to all members.





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