Further Reading

There are many books that discuss the Edgehill campaign but only a handful can be selected here for special note.

  • Baker, Anthony, 1986, A Battlefield Atlas of the English Civil War, 10-17. A good, concise summary of the campaign.
  • Roberts, Keith and Tincey, John, Edgehill 1642 : first battle of the English Civil War, Oxford : Osprey Military, 2001. As with the battle itself, Tincey & Roberts (2001) provide a well illustrated and accessible summary of the Edgehill campaign, though the road networks shown on their plans must be ignored as inaccurate and misleading.
  • Sherwood, R E, Civil Strife in the Midlands1642-1651, 1974, Phillimore, London, 13-41.
  • Tennant, P. (1992) Edgehill and beyond : the people's war in the South Midlands 1642-1645, Alan Sutton, Stroud. This book provides a unique insight into the local impact of the campaign, particularly where it draws upon the many claims for reparations submitted in later years by village constables in Warwickshire.
  • Young, Peter, 1976, Edgehill, Kineton, Roundwood Press (reprinted in 1995 by Windrush Press). This is still probably the most detailed and useful study of the campaign.


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