Further Reading

  • Morrill, 'Restoration and Union', Simon Hall, The Penguin Atlas of British and Irish History, London, Penguin Books, 2001 For a very brief but coherent context to the Monmouth Rebellion covering the period from the Restoration of Charles II in 1660 to the Glorious Revolution of 1688
  • Anon, The Pitchfork Rebellion: The Road to Sedgemoor, 1985  A leaflet produced for the 300th Anniversary and is still available through Tourist Information Offices in Somerset. It provides a useful summary of the campaign and information on linked historical attractions in Somerset to assist you in planning your own tour.
  • Stuckey, Douglas. Wessex Rising! Wessex Books, 2004. A well illustrated small (49page) book on the Monmouth Rebellion and the Glorious Revolution.

Some additional online material, including images of some original documents relating to the campaign, is available through the Admiral Blake Museum website


For a more extensive treatment of the Monmouth rebellion there are many modern works including:

  • Chandler, Sedgemoor 1685 : from Monmouth's invasion to the Bloody Assizes, Staplehurst, Spellmount, 1999. The most useable detailed military history
  • Earle, Monmouth's Rebels: The Road to Sedgemoor 1685, 1977 By far the best written and most readable account of the rebellion.


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