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All the information in the Resource Centre has been checked for accuracy and currency, but The Battlefields Trust explicitly disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented here or any damage incurred through the use of this information.


All the information published here, unless otherwise stated, is copyright of The Battlefields Trust. You are welcome to download and copy any of the information for personal research or educational use. If however you wish to use it for publication or for other commercial purposes then please email:

The majority of the material presented on this website has been compiled by the Battlefields Trust for this purpose from original research in the field or using primary and secondary sources. Where we have directly reproduced material originated by others we have only done so where we believe that material to be out of copyright (i.e. more than 70 years have passed since the death of the author, or in the case of Crown Copyright 50 years have passed since the date of publication). Where The Battlefields Trust has generated digital mapping based on out of copyright paper mapping it claims copyright on this new digital data. In producing various mapping it has been necessary to draw upon information from a wide range of more recently published secondary sources. In these cases the relevant sources have been specifically identified.

If we believe the material is still covered by copyright restrictions then it has only been reproduced with the express permission of the copyright holder. Specific permissions to reproduce copyright material have been obtained from:

Ordnance Survey: for the reproduction of extracts of modern Explorer (1:25,000 scale) mapping of selected battlefields. Licence number 100039996.

English Heritage: for reproduction of extracts of original accounts of specific battles, taken from the digital copies of the reports compiled in connection with the establishment of the Battlefields Register in 1995. Also for the reproduction of copies of vertical air photographs taken by the RAF in the 1940s and now held in the National Monuments Record Centre, Swindon.

If you have reason to believe that any specific material presented on this website is covered by copyright restrictions and that the relevant permission has not been obtained for its reproduction here then please email:


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