Report of the Finding of Richard III’s Grave

11 October 2012

The report of the finding of Richard III’s grave – subject to scientific tests and verification – was welcomed by the Board of Trustees of the Battlefields Trust at their meeting on 22 September 2012.


The Trust is excited by the news of the potential discovery of Richard III’s burial. We look forward to more information about the discoveries.

The location of the site complements the research sponsored by the Trust and Leicester County Council which identified the exact location where Richard III would have receivedhis fatal injuries.

The evidence from the investigation that has emerged so far shows the effectiveness of archery in the battle to supplement the archaeological evidence of the use of artillery on the battlefield. The battlefield archaeology to date has been on non-ferrous material (e.g. cannon balls), and this discovery now emphasises the need to continue research and into the area of ferrous material (e.g. arrow heads).

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