Marston Moor monument and information board

British Civil Wars Memorial Project - Call for help

18 July 2022

A new and exciting project to record memorials associated with the British Civil Wars has been launched.

This collaborative project involving the Battlefields Trust, Cromwell Association, Fortress Study Group, John Hampden Society, National Civil War Centre, Pike and Shot Society, Sealed Knot and Scottish Battlefields Trust, is aiming to record all forms of memorials, plaques and information boards associated with events during the Civil Wars and the soldiers who fought in them.

Battlefields Trust Research Coordinator Simon Marsh] said, ‘this is a national project involving key organisations with an interest in the history of the Civil Wars and the legacy they left in the form of memorials.’

‘We want this to be a resource for the public so they can see which Civil War memorials are in places they visit, but also for researchers looking at how memorialisation of the Wars has changed over time’, he added.

Initially, members of participating organisations are being asked to help populate the database via an online form.  Once a critical mass of submissions has been reached the database will be published and the online form opened-up to the wider public so they can make further submissions. 

If you are able to make a submission to the database, please use the online form at  

For more information about the project please contact

The Battlefields Resource Centre