Finding Bosworth

4 November 2009

Four years of intensive historical, topographical and archaeological research have finally borne fruit as a team led by Glenn Foard of the Battlefields Trust and funded by Leicestershire County Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund has solved one of the great mysteries of English military history and succeeded in locating the site of the battle of Bosworth. Archaeological investigations are not yet complete and until they are the exact location of the battlefield is still being kept under wraps in order to spare it the attentions of amateur treasure hunters but we now know that the battle was fought not far from Stoke Golding, some two miles or so south-west of Ambion Hill, the ‘traditional’ location of the action. In addition to locating the battlefield, the archaeological survey has unearthed the largest group of cannonballs ever found on a medieval battlefield – no less than 22 lead shot of a variety of calibres – ranging from bullets fired from handguns to roundshot from substantial artillery pieces. For more information please click here:

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