Battlefields Trust Annual General Meeting

24 March 2020


The Trust's Annual General Meeting (which was included as a slot in the conference programme on 3rd May)  is subject to specific rules which mean it cannot be automatically cancelled  along with  the conference.  However, please note that in any event, the AGM will  be adjourned and may ultimately be cancelled subject to government or other advice.  We will advise members  in due course of what is happening with the AGM but in the meantime, reports that would go to the AGM (such as the Trustees’ Annual Report and Financial Statements)  will be posted on the website as they become available.   Given the uncertainty about whether or when the AGM will go ahead, Members are invited to contact the Trust if they have any questions on the reports when issued.  Please contact with general enquiries  or if your query is about the accounts, contact

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