Threat to Bosworth: update

3 September 2018

As many of you will be aware, on 28 August by the planning committee of Hinckley and Bosworth Council decided to defer the decision on MIRA's Bosworth battlefield planning application until the next committee meeting on 25 September.  This application is for the construction of a Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) testing track, a control tower and storage building,  ground works, landscaping and associated infrastructure on part of the internationally important registered battlefield at Bosworth and surrounding fields. 

The Trust's fundamental argument is that the area of proposed development is of key significance to the battle.  It is the place where Henry Tudor almost certainly first saw Richard III's army and to give visitors a sense of this it is vital to preserve this part of the registered area and the wider battlefield surrounding it.  If this area is lost then it will not be possible to present the battlefield in this way. Given this, the Trust argues that the battlefield area should be extended to the west to cover the wider area of interest defined by the 2013 conservation management plan agreed by Leicestershire County Council. We also judge that better presentation of the battlefield, including at the location of the proposed development, could increase local economic benefits without altering the rural character of the area

We have written to the Council indicating a willingness to discuss solutions with interested parties which do not breach our red lines.  We have asked to accompany the planning committee when it visits the development site so we can explain the importance of the location.  The council is considering this offer and request.

We have separately taken legal advice on future options in the event that the planning committee decides to allow the development in September and are considering this.

It is important that Battlefields Trust members and those of our partner organisations continue to voice their disapproval for this planning application.  If you haven't already signed the petition against the application at link below, could you please do so.

We continue to urge anyone who objects to this proposed development to voice their objection by writing with their name and address and using planning application reference 18/00425/FUL to

It would also be helpful if you could write to your local MP about this issue and you may wish to use the Trust’s core argument above in your letter.  MPs are also pleased to meet the constituents at their constituency surgeries if you wish to present your concerns about the potential loss of such an iconic national asset 

We will continue to keep you informed as matters develop

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