Battlefields Trust Objects to Proposed Clifton Moor (1745) Development

17 September 2014

The Battlefields Trust has objected to an application to build houses and associated infrastructure on the battlefield at Clifton Moor (1745), a candidate for the last battle to be fought on English soil.  The Trust has objected on the grounds that the heritage impact assessment conducted to support the application has not given sufiicient weight to the importance of the battlefield and burial sites as local and national heritage assets and that, in the Trust's view, the investigation and assessment of the development site from a battlefield heritage persective has been superficial. The Trust suggests that as a consequence of these factors, the proposed development cannot be sustainable in terms of the National Planning Policy Framework, the government's guide to taking planning decisions.  Further details on the objection can be found Here.


Clifton Moor (1745) saw a holding action by the Scottish army under Charles Edward Stuart which was being pursued by government forces under the Duke of Cumberland. 

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