Nibley Green (1470) Battlefield Under Threat

28 June 2014

The Battlefields Trust has objected to a planning application (S.14/1336/FUL‏) that has been received by Stroud District Council to install solar panels across the unregistered Wars of the Roses battlefield at Nibley Green (1470). This battle, the last 'private' battle in England, involved a dispute between Lord Berkeley and Lord Lisle and saw a force of around 1,000 men under Berkeley surprise and defeat Lisle's force of 500 men. The solar panels will cover the likely area of fighting and prevent an understanding of the battlefield terrain and may damage any surviving archaeology. Trust members are asked to register their opposition through the Stroud District Council planning portal (see by searching for the application number (S.14/1336/FUL‏) and providing a comment electronically. Details of the Trust's comments opposing the application can be found at

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