Winceby (1643) Battlefield Solar Array Decision

28 June 2014

On 27 June 2014 East Lindsey District Council decided to permit the installation of around 600 solar panels on the north east area of the English Heritage registered battlefield at Winceby (1643)(see despite strong objections from the Battlefields Trust (see and local residents. The solar panels are likely to cover the area of deployment of the parliamentary right wing of cavalry and in the Trust's view will prevent an understanding of the terrain in that part of the battlefield and impair its overall character, notwithstanding the landscaping mitigation conditions in the development permit. Unfortunately English Heritage did not oppose this development and the Trust remains concerned that this will set an unhelpful precedent; the unregistered battlefield at Nibley Green (1470) in Gloucestershire is threatened by a similar development. Before the solar panels can be installed a scheme of archaeological work needs to be developed and implemented and the Trust will now engage with East Lindsey District Council to ensure this is conducted to the highest battlefield archaeology standards.

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