Opportunity to buy part of the battlefield of Tewkesbury

12 January 2014

The Gaston Fields, part of the Battlefield of Tewkesbury, are for sale This is an excellent opportunity to secure the long term future of this important site. The Gastons are not being sold off for housing and as part of the registered battlefield they currently should in theory be well-protected by the NPPF. However, present safeguards are no guarantee of long term protection. Community ownership will not only protect the site but also improve public access and enable it to be properly maintained. We are pleased to support this project and hope to be closely involved in helping see it through to success. HOW TO DONATE TO THE GASTONS PURCHASE FUND If you’d like to donate by cheque, it should be made out to Tewkesbury Battlefield Society, with GASTONS FUND written on the back. No cheques will be cashed until we know that our bid is successful, but PLEASE send them because even without banking them they indicate support. Send them to: The Treasurer, Tewkesbury Battlefield Society, PO Box 147, Tewkesbury, GL20 9AP. We’d also ask that you make a gift aid declaration (please follow the link below for a downloadable form) and include it with your cheque. This will increase your donation by 25% through HMRC If the bid is unsuccessful (and the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society are confident that it won’t be), Just Giving donations and cheques will be returned. Funds which have been raised through cash donations, which cannot be returned, and through fund-raising events will be split equally between two charities: · The Battlefields Trust (for campaigning to save battlefields from development) and · The Tewkesbury Nature Reserve (which is working to protect the local ecology)


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