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  Alternative Theories

Two alternative locations for the battle have been suggested, both of which have received considerable media coverage. Nick Austin has claimed that the fighting took place nearer to the coast at Crowhurst while John Grehan and Martin Mace argue that the battle was actually fought on Caldbec Hill, a little to the north of Senlac Hill.

The Trust always welcomes interest in the exact location of what is arguably the most important battlefield in England and approaches new theories about it with an open – but cautious – mind. However, until compelling evidence is provided for these alternative sites, the Trust's position remains that it favours the traditional site of the battle.

For those who are keen to investigate these alternative theories, details can be found in: 

Nick Austin, Secrets of the Norman Invasion, Ogmium Press, 2nd Edition, 2021

John Grehan and Martin Mace, The Battle of Hastings 1066 - The Uncomfortable Truth: Revealing the True Location of England's Most Famous Battle, Pen and Sword, 2021



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