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  Sources and Further Reading

At least twenty chronicles and medieval histories reference the battle of Brunanburh. The majority of these documents use similar names from Bruneswerce (Gaimar), Brunfeld (William of Malmesbury), Brunandune (Aethelweard), Brunfort (Book of Hyde), Brunanburgh (Florence/John of Worcester). There are though alternate names such as Weondune (Symeon of Durham) to the Plains of Othlyn (Annals of Clonmacnoise).  


Selected Bibliography



A review and translation of the sources can be found in Livingston’s Casebook.  The poem ‘the Battle of Brunanburh, is the earliest account of the battle and is found in the A-D versions of the Anglo Saxon Chronicle 

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Dan Snow’s History Hit podcast interviewing Fiona Edmonds, Clare Downham and the archaeological team working on a possible Viking battle site on the Wirral



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