Further Reading

The broad political context within which the de Montfort rebellion should be viewed is discussed in numerous book, but one of the most recent short assesments is:
  • Carpenter, 2003, The Struggle for Mastery: Britain 1066-1284. p.369-391.

The detail of the military campaign is also reviewed in many studies, although the publication in 2000 by Laborderie et al means that all earlier discussions are out of date to some degree. The most useful include:

  • Cox, D. C. The Battle of Evesham : a new account. Evesham: The Vale of Evesham Historical Society, 1988.
  • Carpenter, David. The Battles of Lewes and Evesham 1264/65. Mercia Publications Ltd, 1987.

The new document relating to the manouevres before the battle and its implications are discussed in:

  • Laborderie, Olivier, J. R. Maddicott, and David A. Carpenter. "The last hours of Simon de Montfort : a new account." English Historical Review, no. 115 (2000): 378-412.


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