Battle of Adwalton Moor 1643 trail marker 4

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Memorial - Plaque

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The Battle of Adwalton Moor
Station Four - Newcastle Victorious
The climax of the battle had been reached. The Royalist horse and foot had been repulsed and Parliamentarian troops were advancing towards the Royalist guns. The Earl of Newcastle was on the verge of ordering a retreat when Sir Posthumous Kirton led forward a body of pike (pikemen) to drive the Parliamentarian troops back. This attack shattered Lord Fairfax's centre and left, which in a very short time were fleeing back towards Bradford eagerly pursued by the right wing of Royalist horse. Sir Thomas Fairfax was unable to withdraw with the rest of his father's army and had to retreat to Halifax down Warren Lane towards Oakwell Hall. [Cont]





Condition Description:

Legible though a little weathered