Bevil Grenville monument battle of Lansdown Hill 1643



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In this Battle on the King's Part, there were more
Officers and Gentlemen of Quality slain than common
Men; and more hurt than slain; But that which would
have clouded my Victory, and made the Loss of others
less spoken of, was the Death of Sir Bevil Grenville. he
was indeed an excellent Person, whose Activity, Interest
and Reputation, was the Foundation of what had been
done in Cornwall, and his Temper and Affection so pub-
lick, that no accident which happened could make an
Impression in him; and his Example kept others from
taking, any thing ill, or at least to do so. In a word, a
brighter Courage, and a gentler Disposition were never
married together, to make the most chearful and innocent

Back of the pedestal sill [no longer legible?]

When now the incensed Rebel proudly came
Down like a torrent without Rank or Dam:
when undeserv'd Success urg'd on their Forces,
That Thunder must come down to stop their Course,
Or ganville must step in, then Granville stood,
And with himself oppos'd, and check'd the Flood,
Conquest or Death was all his Thoughts, so Fire
Either o'rcomes, or does itself expire.
His courage work'd; like Flames call Heat about,
Here, there, on this, and that Side none gave out,
Nor any Pike in that renowned Stand,
But took new Force from his inspiring Hand,
Soldier encourag'd Soldier, Man urg'd Man,
And he urg'd all, so much example can:
Hurt upon Hurt, Wound upon Wound did call,
He was the Butt, the Mark, the Aim of all,
His soul this While retir'd from Cell to Cell.
At last flew up from all, and then he fell,
But the devoted Stand courag'd the more,
From that his Fate ply'd hotter than before,
And proud to fall with him, sworn not yield,
Each fought an honour'd Grace, and gain'd the Field,
Thus he being fallen, his Action fought anew,
And the Deed conquer'd, whilst the Living flew,
William Cartwright 1643

There slain, thy valiant Ancestor did lye,
When his one Bark a Navy did supply,
When now encompass'd round He Victor stood,
And bath'd his Pinnace in his conquering Blood,
'Till all his Purple current dry'd and spent,
He fell, and made the Waves his Monument.
Where shall the next fam'd Grenville's Ashes stand,
thy Grandfire fills the Seas, and thou the Land
Martin Llewellin, 1643

To the Immortal Memory of
His renowned Grandfather and valiant Cornish Friends
Who Conqur'd dying in the Royal Cause
July 5th 1643
This Column was dedicated
By the Rt. Honourable George Granville Lord Lansdown.
In the Year 1720
Dulce est pro patria mori




Very Poor

Condition Description:

memorial plaque badly damaged and monument in need of repair in 2023