Battle of Stow-on-the-Wold memorial 1646 on the market Cross

Memorial Type:

Memorial - Plaque

Does the monument still exist?


Installation Date:



The English Civil War
Battle of Stow 21st March 1646

Near this cross Sir Jacob Astley
surrendered to parliamentary forces
following defeat at the battle of Stow.
Some 200 royalists were slaughtered in the
Square and 1500 imprisoned in the church
overnight. This was the final battle of the
First Civil War leading to the end of the
royalist occupation of Oxford.





Condition Description:

Only recently installed

Memorial Notes:

It is unlikely 200 royalists were slaughteerd in the town square as the figure represents the total number killed in the battle according to the parliamentarians. The number of prisoners was initially put at 1600 by parliamentarian sources, though later accounts say up to 1730 captured.