The 1018 Battle of Carham saw Northumbrian forces face the combined Scottish forces of two kings, Malcom II, King of Scots and Owen the Bald, King of Strathclyde. The Scottish victory is seen as a pivotal event in the establishment of the Scottish kingdom, it led to the fatal weakening of the Earldom of Northumbria; resulting in Northumbria beings unable to challenge the recent conqueror of England, Cnut. The ultimate result of the Battle was the determined of the eastern border of Scotland at the River Tweed. This pack has been produced in collaboration with the Carham 1018 Society.


Educational Resources

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  • Specially commissioned Illustrations
  • A Map
  • The build-up to The Battle of Carham
  • The Battle of Carham
  • Documentary tasks
  • Text Source worksheets
  • Picture Source worksheets
  • 5W sheets
  • Carham Equipment
  • Keywords
  • Main Enquiry Questions
  • Why were Malcolm and Eadwulf fighting at Carham - Diamond 9
  • How significant is the Battle of Carham? concept mapping
  • Mystery object
  • Jigsaw activity
  • Carham Battle Tactics
  • Video analysis
  • Meanwhile, Elsewhere
  • Exhibits in a Shoebox
  • Design your own memorial

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