How You Can Help

How to get involved with the work of the Battlefields Trust

The Battlefields Trust is an entirely volunteer run organisation.  All the events, walks, talks and projects organised by the Trust have been undertaken by people giving up their time because they care about the protection, research and interpretation of battlefields as educational and historical resources. 

If you are interested in contributing some of your spare time to the work of the Battlefields Trust, here are some ways that you can get involved:

Get involved with our walks programme:  If you know a battle well and feel confident in leading a group around it, you could volunteer to lead a walk.  But if you are not confident in doing that and want to help, we are always looking for people to assist our walk leaders to manage the walks we organise.  This can include, collecting donations, acting as a back-marker to ensure we don’t lose someone from the group and that all gates are closed and generally looking after the safety of those participating.  Having seen walks run a few times you may be willing to lead one yourself.  Contact if you are interested in following this up. 

Get involved in promoting battlefields: Another way to help, if you know a battle and battlefield well, is to offer to run a talk about it.  This might be for a local history society, the U3A or the local Rotary club.  Raising local awareness about battlefields makes people value them more and is one of the best ways of protecting them.  Writing about battlefields can also help.  You could do this for your local newsletter, website, or parish magazine.  The Trust’s magazine Battlefield, where the editors are always looking for new articles, or for the Trust’s journal, Battalia, where more academic articles are published, are other places where articles can be published.   Contact your local regional chair (details can be found at to offer to run a talk.  If you are interested in writing for Battlefield contact or Battalia contact

Get involved in protecting battlefields:  The Battlefields Trust aims to have at least one local representative at each of the registered battlefields in England and would prefer to have a number of people at each one so they can support each other.  Battlefield groups and representatives keep an eye out for planning applications that might threaten their local battlefield, act as a point of contact for any queries and engage with local stakeholders where necessary.  If you live near an unregistered battlefield and are also keen to help out in this way we would also like to hear from you.   If you are interested in doing this contact your local regional chair (details can be found at

Tell us what is happening on our battlefields:  If you walk a battlefield, tell us what you found.  Were there any problems with access, were any stiles broken, what state are an information boards or memorials in?  If you take some photos you are willing to share and allow the Trust to use, please send them us.  To report on battlefields or send photos contact your local regional chair (details can be found at or email

Volunteer to help run a Battlefields Trust stand:  Through the year the Trust attends a number of large public events, such as the Chalk Valley History Festival and the Bosworth Festival, to increase public awareness of the importance of battlefields and recruit new members. There are often smaller events at a regional level where the Trust has a stand for the same reasons.   If you would like to help out at such events please contact

Get involved in a battlefield project:  The Trust runs a small number of battlefield projects and there may be things you can help with.  Alternatively, you might have a great idea about a project to promote your local battlefield that you would be willing to start with some help from the Battlefields Trust.  If so, we would love to hear from you. To investigate whether there are projects in your region you can help with or to discuss a project idea you might have contact your local regional chair (details can be found at

Use your skills to help the Battlefields Trust:  You may have specific skills that the Battlefields Trust needs to help it to grow and fulfil its charitable aims. Current skills shortages include – fundraising, marketing, public/media relations, finance and digital technology.  Whether you have experience of working in these or any other areas and are willing to offer some of your time, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact

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