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Map of the location of the battle on Danesmoor given by Beesley.
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The map accompanying Beesley's 1841 discussion of the battle
Further Reading

The earliest detailed discussion is by the local historian Beesley in 1841, although brief comments are made by Baker in 1822 and Morton in 1712. Only a handful of the usual national battlefield studies include Edgcote, which was ignored by key authors such as Burne. There is one substantial modern work published on the battle, that by Haigh, which argues for a northern battle site similar to that proposed by Beesley. The book by Thomas has not been consulted in the preparation of these web pages. In addition the discussion in the unpublished report prepared for English Heritage is also of considerable value, describing the southern battlefield site. Clark also follows the southern interpretation, as does Warner though he depicts an unbelievably extensive distribution of the action, extending as far east as Culworth village. Rayner broadly follow's Haigh's interpretation.

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A more comprehensive bibliography is given in Haigh, 1997.


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