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The Roman road, known here as the Hereford Lane, running north across the battlefield towards Mortimer's Cross.
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The battlefield from near The Buzzards
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Driving the battlefield

It is possible to see a good deal of both possible battle sites and gain a good feel for the character of the battlefield landscape on a driving tour with short walks from several locations.

Start at the monument next to the Monument Inn on the A4110 on the western edge of Kingsland. Parking is possible within the village but not on the main road itself. After viewing the monument drive south along the A4110 and take the first right on the minor road towards Ledicot and then right again at Bank Farm. This takes you north along the Hereford Lane. Park near the Vernalls Cottages / New House Farm and walk east along the footpath towards Kingsland. The path broadly follows the course of the former main road along which the Lancastrians may have advanced, if the southern battlefield site is correct. If so then the deployments and action were probably in the fields through which the footpath runs.

Return and drive north along the Hereford Lane. It is possible to park on the verge along this quiet lane close to Lower Cross Farm to see the area where Hodges suggest the armies formed up and the action took place. Continue on to Mortimerís Cross, rejoining the A4110 next to Blue Mantle Cottages. It is possible to park in Mortimerís Cross to view the bridge, watermill, Inn and Blue Mantle Cottages, perhaps taking the short circular element of the main walk.

To complete the visit it is worth driving a short circular route from Mortimerís Cross west along the B4362. First of all the road climbs out of the valley up a wooded slope, giving a good idea of how steep the scarp is here on the west side of the valley. Then, after 1 mile travelling along the former turnpike road, take the first left to Ledicot. This takes you into the landscape of narrow winding lanes. In the village turn left at the T junction and then, just out of the settlement, first left again along a very narrow lane past Pencombestone. Once past The Buzzards the landscape suddenly opens out and there are briefly views to the right across the plain in which the battle was fought. At the junction with the Hereford Lane turn left back to Mortimerís Cross.


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