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The Battle Oak at Mortimer's Cross in 1896
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The Pedestal, erected in 1799.
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Battlefield Monuments


The monument to battle, described as the ‘Pedestal’, stands in front of the Monument Inn on the edge of Kingsland just over a mile to the south east of Mortimer’s Cross. It was erected by public subscription in 1799. It has been argued that the monument does not reflect the true location of the action, but it clearly marks what Brooke was shown in the mid 19th century as the traditional site of the battle.


Another monument, or sorts, was the Battle Oak. According to Barrett it was also sometime known as the Gospel Oak and lay immediately adjacent to Blue Mantle Cottage (where Blue Mantle Hall stood in the 18th century). It is shown and named as Gosple Oak on the 1st edition six inch Ordnance Survey map of hte 1880s. Unfortunately the tree not longer survives, but Blue Mantle Cottages do, so its location next to where the Hereford Lane joins the A4110 can be easily found.


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