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The Almonry Heritage Centre at Abbey Gate, Evesham. A building of 15th century and later date, believed to hav ebeen the lodgings of hte Abbey's Almoner.
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One of a series of interpretation panels positioned around the site of the Abbey
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There is good interpretation of the Abbey site itself in Abbey Park, Evesham, but no interpretation about the battle on the battlefield.

In the Almonry Heritage Centre there is the Battle Room, opened in 1965, on the 700th anniversary by the Speaker of the House of Commons, as a memorial to Simon de Montfort. It contains a battle plan, though its reconstruction of the landscape and especially the open fields of Evesham is inadequate. There is also some information about the battle, an iron axe head, found in the silt of the Avon near Offenham, which is said to be consistent with the form of the weapons likely to have been carried by the Welsh infantry. There are also arrowheads of the period, though apparently not from Evesham. The display is worth a visit but is now looking rather dated and in need of replacement.

The Battlefields Trust regularly lead a walk of the battlefield and The Simon de Montfort Society hold an annual wreath laying at the Abbey on or close to the anniversary of the battle. For more infromation on the Simon de Montfort Society CLICK HERE


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