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Further reading - Battlefield Guides

Most battlefield guides devote some space to the Northallerton battle, but the problems with their location of the Scottish and English battle arrays render them of limited value to the visitor other than for the comparison of the two alternatives.

  • Burne, The battlefields of England, London, Greenhill Books, 1996 A brief discussion only, with no plan.
  • Clark, Battlefield Walks : North, 1995 Recommends a circular walk, going south past Cinnamire farm and turning left along the Scotpits Lane then around via Brompton Lane and back along the A167. Whereas in 1995 it was just heavy going, Scot Pits Lane is now impassable.
  • Fairbairn & Cyprien, A Traveller's Guide to the Battlefields of Britain, 1983 Very poor map. Suggests a circular walk but notes the unsuitability of Scot Pits Lane for the return leg.
  • getmapping, 2002, British Battles: Amazing Views As usual an important resource to complement a visit, which does extend far enough south to encompass the revised interpretation presented here.
  • Kinross, Walking & Exploring the Battefields of Britain, 1988 Poor map. Brief text and no walk suggested.
  • Kinross, Discovering Battlefields of England, 1989 Totally inadequate, distorted plan.
  • Matthews, England versus Scotland, Barnsley, Leo Cooper, 2003 Brief but useful suggestions for investigating the field.
  • Smurthwaite, The Complete Guide to the Battlefields of Britain, London, Michael Joseph, 1993 No significant guide information.
  • Warner, British Battlefields: The Definitive Guide to Warfare in England and Scotland, 2002 Poor plan and no significant guide information.


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