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A Bronze Age Penannular Loop. A treasure find made during the Edgehill battlefield survey. The 5p piece is provided to show the tiny size of the object.
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The penannular loop from the Edgehill Survey
Treasure Find!

During 2005 one of the metal detecting team, Lee Macfarlane, found a tiny gold object while working on the Edgehill survey. It was a Bronze Age Penannular Loop, often described as 'Ring Money and was submitted to the British Musuem as it was judged to qualify as treasure under the terms of The Treasure Act 1996. Though completely unrelated to the battle, the investigation of which was the purpose of the Edgehill Survey, the find was nonetheless an important and intersting one. It showed just how long and varied a history there was to the landscape in which most of the battles in the UK were fought.


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